The Northwest Loss Association intends to prevent any violation of antitrust laws at all our meetings and events.

Presenters and attendees at our meetings and events acknowledge that their respective firms are competitors in the marketplace and that the McCarran-Ferguson Act provides the insurance industry with only very limited immunity from federal and state anti-trust scrutiny. Therefore, presenters and attendees must exercise care during all presentations and discussions, since even innocuous discussions of certain topics might later be misinterpreted as evidence of collusion.

At our meetings and events, there should be no discussion or agreement, formal or informal, expressed or implied, as to any matters that might give rise to an allegation of violation of anti-trust laws.

Subjects to avoid include:

  • Rates
  • Underwriting policies
  • Marketing strategies or responses to legislative, regulatory or other developments
  • Prices or costs of any products or services offered for sale by insurers or purchased by insurers
  • Individual insurance company positions on coverage issues and other matters of insurance policy interpretation; agreements or understandings relating to claims practice, policies or positions
  • Standards by which the performance of any insurer could or should be judged; codes of ethics
  • Advantages or disadvantages of doing business in particular states
  • Refusal to deal with, or boycott of, potential insureds or suppliers of products or services; use of particular suppliers of products or services; and cost or profits of any aspect of the above